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Friday March 9th

Schedule is subject to change


2023 March Schedule  - (Subject to change)

Saturday March 18 (Pacific Daylight Saving Time)

9:30 am – 10 am:      Introduction to the Conference

10 am to 11:30 am:     Professor Gerald Pollack, U. of Washington

11:35 am to 12:15 pm:  Ervin Laszlo

12:20 pm to 1:25 pm:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (To be confirmed)

1:30 pm to 2 pm:        Tom Paladino

2:05 pm to 2:45 pm:  Pia and Cullen with Pleiadian messages from Laarkmaa

2:50 pm to 3:30 pm:  Dr. Christopher Macklin

3:35 pm to 4:30 pm:  Dr. Michelle Peal  

4:35 pm to 5:15 pm:    Emmanuel Itier

5:20 pm to 6 pm:        EPP/Messages from Water

6:05 pm to 7 pm: Hopi Clean Water/EPP fundraiser with Leon McLaughlin, Carolyn White, Nancy Rivard, Ted Mahr, and others

Sunday March 19 (Pacific Daylight Saving Time)

9:30 am – 10 am:          Intro, Q & A with Ted Mahr & Carolyn White

10:05 am to 11 am:        Samuel Chong, the Thiaooubia prophecy

11:05 am to 12 noon:     Suzy Smith (healer)

12:05 pm to 1:30 pm:    Alfred Webre

1:35 pm to 2:30 pm:      Dr. Angel Fernandez

2:35 pm to 3:30 pm:     Suzie Ward, with Messages from Matthew

3:35 pm to 4:30 pm:     Carolyn White

4:35 pm to 5:45 pm:     Judy Cali

5:50 pm to 6:45/7 pm: Ted Mahr on our bright, beautiful future; Wrap up Conference and answer group questions with Ted and Carolyn and Gerry White.

During breaks, music videos courtesy of Charlie Cardinal

Note: Schedule subject to revisions

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